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Whatever your skills, interests, and availability, there are opportunities for you to get involved with Chatham Trades and to make a positive impact in our community and our consumers’ lives.

You can:

Become a tutor, help adult learners develop the educational skills they need to have more successful lives. You’ll have an opportunity to work with people who want to earn a high school credential, learn American Sign Language (ASL), or who need stronger English-language skills to get a job, or who simply want to be able to read, fill out an application form, or understand the directions on a bottle of medicine. You don’t need a teaching background or a foreign-language skill to do it – we provide the training.

Be a special events volunteer, work on fundraising events, Special Olympics, Relay for Life or promoting Chatham Trades at community events and information fairs.

Be part of a committee or team, help Chatham Trades staff and consumers develop skills in your area of expertise, such as finance, development, marketing and public relations, programming, or community collaboration.

Be part of the Board of Directors, help oversee Chatham Trades’ direction, goals and strategies in  finance, development, marketing, programming and community collaboration.

Make a tax-deductible donation to support Chatham Trades and their programs.

To speak with someone about volunteer opportunities at Chatham Trades, please call 919-663-3481 or send an email to

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