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Safety Training Videos

There are six safety training videos.  Watch each one and then print the corresponding quiz below.  Videos can be accessed at The user name is and the password is nclabor34!  Simply enter the SKU in the search tool and check the year and time to ensure you are viewing the correct video.

Walkways, Ladders & Elevations-Don’t Slip & Fall Quiz for Video-SKU 2832/2011/10 min.

Safe Lifting Quiz for Video-SKU 3194/2014/17 min.

Fire Extinguisher Basic Training Quiz for Video-SKU 2469/2009/13 min.

GHS Safety Data Sheets Quiz for Video-SKU 2916/2012/16 min.

Bloodborne Pathogens Quiz for Video-SKU 2671/2010/12 min.

Active Shooter and Workplace Violence Quiz for Video SKU 3186/2014/10 min.

Safety Showers and Eyewashes Quiz for Video SKU 2840/2011/9 min.


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