Direct Support Professional Week is September 11 through September 17, 2022

In recognition of Direct Support Professionals week, Chatham Trades honors our Habilitation Technicians and thanks them for their dedication and enthusiasm!

Direct Support Professionals (known as Habilitation Technicians at Chatham Trades) assist people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in realizing their full potential and becoming valued and participating members of the community. Their work is complex and goes well beyond caregiving, requiring skills that include problem solving, decision making, behavioral assessment, personal skills training and crisis prevention.

There is a supportive, therapeutic relationship between our consumers and their Hab. Tech which addresses and implements interventions outlined in consumers’ Individual Support Plan (ISP). This may include personal skill development; adult basic education; training in cognitive, communication & motor skills and vocational evaluation & adjustment. The work of the Hab. Tech. is determined by the unique needs and preferences of the individuals they support.

All consumers work with a Hab. Tech. at Chatham Trades, either one-on-one or in a small group. They monitor the individual’s performance toward their unique goals. Progress toward these goals is reviewed and documented by the Hab. Tech daily, reported quarterly and reviewed annually (more often if needed) with the consumer, their care coordinator and their guardian.

Habilitation Technicians are held to high ethical and professional standards. They are thoroughly trained by Chatham Trades. They must have a high school diploma or equivalent, a background-check and successfully complete NCI training (Nonviolent Crisis Intervention Training), Core Competencies and First Aid/CPR. In addition, there are 27 other required Chatham Trades’ trainings that range from Philosophy of Services and Person-Centered Planning to Consumer Rights and Safety Procedures. All trainings must be completed upon hire and renewed annually. Hab. Techs also receive 30 minutes of clinical supervision each month, which includes a review of their own professional development goals and outcomes.

Please join us this week in showing appreciation to our Hab. Techs for all that they do to help our consumers to grow and thrive. They are: Mattie Alston, Jewell Blankenship, Pam Burrus, Karen Degraffenreaidt, Brenda Hudson, Elaina Philbrick, Erin Smith, Natasha Smith, Jasmine Spinks and Rhonda Stevens.

Direct Support Professional Week is September 11 through September 17, 2022
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